The Weight is a Gift

I began listening to this band a few weeks ago and have enjoyed their album, The Weight is a Gift. I know they've been around for a long time, and I'm just coming on board, but there are too many bands to listen to everything as it comes out. As you read this blog you will learn I have an issue with listening to the same thing over and over again, so naturally, it takes me a while to get to the next band. I'm alright with that, because when music is especially good, I like to enjoy every part of it and just take it all in.

Anyway, I'll start with the cover art. I was drawn to their use of color and the understated, old-school animation. We've seen this recently on other works as its become a bit popular, but I like it still the same.

This album is filled with catchy phrasing and memorable melodies. Singer Mathew Caws has a likable, tenor voice.

The best known track "Always Love ", contains great message and a catchy tune, easily my favorite track. This song is the reason I looked up the band and bought the album. Like most albums, I found  a few other quality supporting tracks. I also recommend "Concrete Bed", a catchy upbeat number. "Do It Again" a song with a great bass line and where I really got a sense of how this band can play, when they play together. The bass line and the drums are very well done, simple, together. I also loved the transition into the second movement. "Comes a Time" is also a song worth listening to, melancholy. The first time I heard it I was flooded with very specific, old memories.

This album does have some downside, like most. A trio band can be great, but it can also be limiting. This band doesn't strike me as musically diverse, some of the lyrics are off-putting  (see Blankest Year, or don't actually, trust me) and diminish some of the well thought out, meaningful songs.

Upon researching this band, I learned they put in a lot of work and saw a lot of rejection before receiving  any real success. Even after being signed, they encountered disagreement with their label and had to fight to keep songs and albums they believed in. I admire the bands who have to fight to get their music heard, they fought and I listened.


DaNiEl & ShAnDi said...

You're right...the cover art is awesome! Nice review, maybe I should give them a chance. Ha. I do like some of their songs actually. You have a style in music that begins to grow on people. =0)


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